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Intuition School of Motoring 8
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What To Do Next

 Step  What To Do

Get A Provisional Driving License

You can obtain this from the DVLA. You must be in possession of this by Law. Applications are available from Post Offices or on-line.
 Take Your Theory Test You can start learning to drive before you pass your Theory Test. We advise you to study & pass it before you start driving. Once it is out of the way you can concentrate more on the driving skills and road knowledge.
 Fitness To Drive You must be able to meet the minimum eye sight standard as laid down by the DVLA. You must also declare any health problems that may affect your ability to control a vehicle on the public highway. Contact the DVLA for further clarification.
 Book Your Driving Lessons You can book lessons over the phone. You can book an initial assessment lesson to see if you are happy with us. You can buy your lessons individually or in bulk - the more hours you buy the more money you save!
 Take Your Driving Test We will let you know when you are ready for your test! The standard required to pass your test is very high & your best chance is by being able to pass a mock test, which will be done regularly. You can book your own test or we can if you wish.